CBS, Deluxe/GDMX and 20th TV (Fox) use the PitchBlue® content delivery platform to transport syndicated programming to servers (Magnuboxes®) located at over-the-air television stations.

The backchannel requires less than 256 kb/s to the Internet for health/status communication.

The health of the MagnuBox® is reported over this channel and closely monitored by the Operational Support Center.  This channel also provides success or failure of MagnuBox® recordings immediately after transmissions.  With this information the OSC and distributors can assist station programming and engineering personnel quickly and efficiently.

Internet traffic is not allowed, unless it is outbound https and directly with the transmission site.

No. The TSR is designed to be a broadcast appliance, not a computer server. Automation, security and interoperability with traditional broadcast systems are the primary design goals.

Managed Linear is store and forward delivery combining digital linear satellite feeds with automated recordings at stations. This provides the automation of file delivery with the flexibility of digital feeds that are also compatible with IRDs.

No. TSRs were selected instead of IRDs so stations could realize the benefits of store and forward automation.

In some cases, yes. You may need an HD IRD capable of receiving and decoding a DVB-S2, 8PSK, C-Band satellite signal that is MPEG 4 (H.264) encoded. The AM1-1HH and 1HQ series MagnuBox®es will receive and play out live programming if the content provider designates. This functionality is currently applicable for a few specific shows.

The compression systems in use by each content provider meet the H.264 encoding standard. Each of the multi-program transport streams is configured with the same digital structure.

No. The TSR receives a DVB S2 signal and by recording the transport stream, creates files. An off-the-shelf IRD may be used to receive the same feeds.

Programming and recording schedules are delivered to the station MagnuBox® via satellite (Galaxy 16 for GMDX and 20th TV (Fox) programming, and Galaxy 19 for CBS programming). Secure Internet connections are used for MagnuBox® health monitoring, management, redundant schedule delivery and error correction.